Lacquer: clear/colour/motives. Finishing: oak / mahogany. Joints - West System Epoxy.

All dimensions, weights, materials and craft according to IDNIYRA Official Specification.


-maximum allowed overall lenght and cockpit lenght

-width at the seat back from 17 3/4" to 21 1/4" (max)

-maximum height 6 3/4" - 7 1/2"

-deck,bottom and floor made of plywood are slided in into sidepanels giving more stiffness and durability to the whole construction, plus aesthetic look

-aerodynamic bottom profile - sidepanels cut above zero line: -1/2" and + 1"

-single sidepanel is made of 2 layers of 4-5 spruce slats each, selected and properly inverted to prevent any warping or twisting in the future

-such layers are pressed and glued on the mould together with oak veneer in between giving very durable 11/16"-3/4" thick material at minimum weight as a result, while Specification gives tolerance from 5/8" to 1" thickness

-sidepanels are assembled using stainless screws and glue without any additional pressure applied on them

-whole internal structure of the fuselage is impregnated with polystyrene resin

-deck and bottom assembled without nails

-doublesided grab rails

-stowage compartment behind seat back

-weight 54-66lbs, less than 48 on preorder

Runner plank

-moulded, consists of 12 slats average, mainly spruce with ash, larch, birch, oak, mahogany or veneer in proportions dependent on needed elasticity

-height difference between underside of ends and underside of the centerline is: from 1 3/8" in normal condition to 1/4" with the addition of 200lbs weight on model medium runner plank 1 1/4" x 7 1/4" x 94 1/2"

-cross section: classic or aerodynamic

-wedge type joint is also available

-weight 15lbs


-multipartial joint

-classic design

-hollow for internal halyard

-spruce, finishing: copper, oak or mahogany

-weight 19lbs



-hollow or solid

-jaws: oak or mahogany

-weight (solid) 6lbs


-straight or narrow, knees profiled


-weight 2lbs

Hardware and Runners